Permanent lips

If you are thinking about getting lip fillers but nervous about it being too invasive then permanent lips are for you. A natural pigment is deposited into the most superficial layer of your skin to create that illusion of fuller lips without the filler. You will no longer need to constantly reapply your lipstick throughout the day, or ever worry about your lipstick smudging ever again. Permanent lips are the perfect way to enhance your lips without the makeup. It is an ideal treatment for those who have lost their coloring or those who don’t have the most symmetrical lips. The perfect boost.
A simple swipe of gloss or balm and you are set for the day. 


Full permanent lip tattooing to give your lips that natural tint. 
Heals more sheer and mimics your favorite tinted gloss!
This is more of an everyday look so it is perfect for those who prefer the more natural look. 

Line liner Nevada


Permanent lip line tattoo mimics topical makeup where you just simply apply a lip liner to define the outer border of your lips.
The perfect permanent guide for you to apply your favorite lipstick. 


Full permanent lip tattooing. The perfect technique for those who wear makeup and lipstick daily. Not recommended for those who desire a more natural look.
Heals more vibrant and mimics your favorite everyday lipstick look. 

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