We offer a variety of BROW Services

We all know eyebrows are what frames a persons face and we all know how tedious it is filling them in each morning. So why wouldn’t you get permanent eyebrows?
Powder brows, ombre brows, combination brows, and super-natural realistic hairstroke brows are all the permanent brow techniques we offer at Ms Amber Red. Never think about picking up that pencil ever again and wake up every morning with the most flawless brows.

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We offer a variety of EYEliner Services

How much of your makeup routine is spent trying to achieve that evenly matched eyeliner? How many times do you have to apply, remove and apply again before you get it right? Here at Ms Amber Red’s, we offer lash enhancement, basic eyeliner, wedge eyeliner, wing eyeliner, bottom eyeliner, and more so you don’t have to waste anymore time! Put down that eyeliner today and confidently know your eyes will look on point every day, you will never have to worry about getting them even again.

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We offer a variety of LIP Services

Lip blush, full lipstick tattooing, and lip liner are all ways for you to have the most luscious-looking lips day and night. You will no longer need to constantly be reapplying your lipstick throughout the day. With this service you can achieve the illusion of fuller lips without the filler. What more could you want?

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