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Patti is from Kansas City, MO. Patti’s father is an extraordinary artist and fabulous woodworker. The artistic gene runs in the family. At a young age she got into drawing fashion and portraits.

At the age of 16 Patti moved to Arizona with her family. Over the years her artwork had improved and she decided that she wanted to become a tattoo artist. A few months after her 18th birthday Patti became a tattoo apprentice in Bullhead City, AZ. She met her husband at the tattoo shop. He was a Tattooer there.

Patti decided to put her tattoo career on hold to have their first son. Over the years she ended up working at a casino hotel in Laughlin,NV. She climbed the ladder and became the Assistant Hotel Manager of two properties and had their second son during that time. Over the years Patti would take the occasional commission to draw a portrait but really didn’t have the time to draw as much as she would like.

The family moved to Vegas to be closer to her husband’s work. After moving to Vegas she became pregnant with their third son.

Patti has always wanted a career in which she could showcase her artwork and help people but it wasn’t a practical option for many years. She decided to look into PMU. She had heard about it here and there and even had her own eyebrows done. After looking into it, she realized this was her calling. This is where she is supposed to be. Between her love for makeup, her amazing artistic eye and desire to help people she couldn’t think of a career she would love more. After her diligent research over the years, she decided that the right time was coming to start this new journey. Patti researched different ways to be able to accumulate all the knowledge that she needed to become a PMU artist. She knew that she wanted to learn from the best. She wanted an opportunity to gain as much knowledge as she could. Having the artistic ability is only a piece of the puzzle.

Patti wanted to be able to provide nothing but the best to her clients. After research she ended up on Amber’s website. Patti discovered that Amber was looking for an apprentice. It was sooner than she had planned to dive into this new world. She couldn’t pass this opportunity up though! The universe was aligning and this was meant to happen. Patti had met with Amber and the rest was history. Patti is extremely motivated and excited to be able to help people with her new skills.

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