Do you shave off the eyebrows?

NO! We love hair it makes the procedure look more realistic once healed.

Are touch ups included in the price?

No. We are “pay as you go” Not everyone needs a touch up so we do not include it in our original pricing. Touch up fees are charged separately as needed.

How long does permanent makeup take to heal?

This is going to vary per client but for most 1-2 weeks. Initially the procedure will appear to be very dark. Then as it heals it will soften up.

Can I drive myself home after getting eyeliner done?

Most people do! Some swelling and redness is normal and eyes can feel heavy from the numbing cream. As always though plan accordingly.

Is permanent makeup permanent?

It is considered permanent. But as tattoos fade so does permanent makeup. We recommend color refreshed anywhere from 1-4 years.

How long does a procedure take to get done?

The procedure includes numbing, drawing, and tattooing… each procedure takes 2-3 hours on average.

What is the difference in a color refresh and a touch up?

A touch up is done 8-10 weeks after initial appointment if needed. Color refreshes are done anywhere from 1-4 years after initial treatment or initial treatment touch up. Prices do increase as the amount of time since we saw you last increases. Ask for details.

Can I remove or change my permanent makeup?

The removal of permanent makeup is not an easy process. That is why it is very important to select a qualified and experienced artist. Do your research!

Is permanent makeup just for women?

Absolutely not! Anyone can get brows, eyeliner, or lips!

I have had work done somewhere else that I am not happy with, can you help me?

In most cases YES! I offer an all-natural salt solution removal/lightening service and I specialize in correction work! Please send some clear photos taken in good lighting with no makeup on and send them to me! Or feel free to set up a free consultation!

I am not sure what style of permanent makeup is best for me? Help!

We love to recommend what is best for you taking into consideration your skin type, lifestyle, personal style, etc. Set up a free consultation and lets chat!!